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The largest time manager from zeiTimer with a diameter of 27cm is an absolute enrichment and support in the education, business and leisure sectors. Its huge dial relative to the overall size makes it the largest on the market. The remaining time is excellent to recognize at a glance and ends depending on the product selection with or without a beep. It is predestined for use in large rooms, on playgrounds or at competition events. A huge selection of remaining time slices allows a simultaneous and differentiated multiple use of zeiTimern. The expiry of the set time takes place logically counterclockwise and is represented analogously. Its compact, high-quality housing with a strong magnet on the back, integrated fold-out stand, integrated wall-mounting option and personalization windows convince in their individual versatility. Environmentally aware, the zeiTimer are equipped with a mechanical wind-up countdown movement 0 - 60 min and require no batteries. Personalization through personalization shows to whom? or where? the zeiTimer belongs.

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