zeiTimer OptiMal


The zeiTimer OptiMal with a diameter of 19 cm is the ideal time manager for group works and meetings. A large offer of color discs does not leave any desires open. Thus, different color discs can be used to define separate groups. The logic time laps counterclockwise convinced many educater, teachers, and lecturers. The pedagogical long-term experience combined with science and technology resulted in the zeiTimer OptiMal. A compact system consisting of strong magnets for a secure hold on magnetic surfaces, an incorporated wall mounting to hang up at an optimal location, a flip out stand for an almost unlimited usage in the daily life, and personalization option for individualization and assignment of the timer to a specific person or a faculty makes the zeiTimer unique. Convince yourself of the enormous potential of the versatile pedagogical and methodic-didactical applications of the zeiTimer OptiMal.





Varieties zeiTimer OptiMal


Single Colors




Ampel - Multi Color Disc

zeiTimer MiniMal AMPEL Diskvarianten