zeiTimer MiniMal


The zeiTimer MiniMal with a diameter of 8 cm fits very well in any pocket and can be taken everywhere. An acoustic signal sounds, if the time has elapsed. A solid housing with a strong magnet, a stand, and a pin hole for wall mounting offers diverse fields of application. The MiniMal is environmentally friendly, since no batteries are required to run the timer. For usage simply wind up the timer completely and set it to your desired count down time. The MiniMal matches perfectly your needs. If a temporally individual differentiation within learning group or self-directed learning at home is required, we offer in our web shop a large variety of color discs. You can choose even between no and with acoustic signal. Let yourself be surprised by the versatile pedagogical and methodic-didactical applications of the zeiTimer MiniMal.




Varieties zeiTimer MiniMal


Single Colors




Ampel - Multi Color Disc

zeiTimer MiniMal AMPEL Diskvarianten