zeiTimer MaxiMal

The zeiTimer MaxiMal with a diameter of 27 cm and a very small edging is the biggest zeiTimer on the market.  With the thought out and functional options to attach the zeiTimer to walls and magnetic surfaces, and to place at any location allows almost unlimited fields of application far beyond the classroom. The conquest of time management happens in many field of the daily life and creates clear structures in organization, confidence in acting, and reduces stress sensitive phases. The neutral design combined with the large variety of color discs of the zeiTimer has a strong visual effect in any room. The logic counterclockwise time lapse is a strength which many teachers and parents appreciate for education. The personalization of the zeiTimer is a unique, recommendable, and individual solution to solve assignment issues. A long-time development influenced by pedagogical demands and technically high-grade quality requirements shows up its enormous potential in the versatile pedagogical and methodic-didactical applications of the zeiTimer MaxiMal.





Varieties zeiTimer MaxiMal


Single Colors




Ampel - Multi Color Disc

zeiTimer MiniMal AMPEL Diskvarianten